I got an email from WARCA, the World Amateur Radio Contesting Association, which I didn’t know existed!

In their 2nd annual ranking, I came in at #31,905 out of a total of 58,522 entries, based upon my 2019 score in the ARRL CW contest. Not too bad for not even trying. 😄

Politico reported that Biden “has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump”.
Wait’ll the books come out!

Biden started his speech tonight by saying that this time we must “Do Something” about these mass shootings in America. His slogan is too simplified. At the very least, it must be “Do Something Effective,” which is not so easy.

This is an excellent video of a hike to the summit of Mt Whitney.
I did this hike in 1967, just before I started grad school at UC, Berkeley. It was a peak experience in my life. I encourage all young people to hike this challenging trail! 🌄 🎢

87°F outside here this afternoon, 80° inside. It is the first time this year that we have turned on our air conditioner in the house. It instantly starts cooling things off inside. That’s some great technology!! 🏠

On the 5th Day of May.

Dylan performs Isis during Rolling Thunder Revue. Here we see video from Montreal & hear audio from MSG, something you can’t get from attending a show in person!

So great to see GOOD news coming out of NYC for a change. One priceless video on FOX was of the New Yorker who spotted the subway shooter at a McDonalds & called crime stoppers with the tip that quickly led to his arrest & removal from the streets. Very well done to all in NYC!

This is NOT a movie. This is REAL LIFE.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
On 60 Minutes, 10 April 2022.

This man is a real hero, like the American leaders of the Greatest Generation who got us through WWII. America needs leaders like that again, and fast!!

Althouse to the Rescue

I can’t take it any longer. I have this subscription to Winer that shows up in my email every night at 11 pm. But more often than not, especially the last two nights, it is disturbing. Last night it had triggered a well deserved long thread on Twitter about how wrong he was! This happened before when he wanted Hillary to win so bad and could think of nothing else.

Several days ago Colin Walker had pointed to Althouse in a Word of the Day posting. What a relief! It had been a long time since I read her. Soooo much better. She’s smart, has a sense of humor and she’s from the Midwest. So now I’m gonna read her at night, instead of my previous bad habit.

Video clip from ABC News.
For many years I drove a BMW R-50 motorcycle, which was from the same class as the R60/2 in the video. But I was never stupid enough to ride mine without a helmet.

John 3:16:
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Posted on 3/16

The top architect in my hometown in the 1920’s through 1940’s, who built and lived in the home and raised his family where we now live, passed away only eleven days after JFK was buried. He built many standout properties, the most famous being the 1930 tallest office building in the town, which is featured as a Notable Example in the Wikipedia page on the Architecture of the Night. It featured the first use of General Electric’s Thyratron  tube dimmer, plus a revolving beacon on the dome. The landmark building became known as the Castle in the Cornfields. There are certainly not a lot of castles in the Midwest!

I found my report cards from 1st grade through high school. In 3rd grade I was 47 ½ inches tall and 50 lbs. In 2nd & 3rd grades the teachers said I really loved reading books and read them really well with a lot of expression and understanding. They said all the kids liked me.

U.N. members voted 141 to 5 to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine… The resolution, from which 34 countries including China and India abstained.

Why would India abstain?! Are they more aligned with China than with the West? Tons of students have come to the US from India to study at our universities for decades. Three of my own doctors here in the Midwest are from India, trained in part at US medical schools and nice folks.

I don’t get it.

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln, the Railsplitter President.

He was born 12 Feb 1809, so I barely made it, in the last ½ hour of his birthday.

His first home in Illinois was about nine miles west of us. He helped his father build their cabin by splitting the rails for the cabin.

Jodi Ettenberg

Many years ago this woman almost single handedly got me started with blogging, as well as traveling in Thailand. She became quite a well known blogger and then disaster hit her with a persistent and debilitating medical problem.

I recommend her blog, linking to a very long post which just came out. She describes her life and links to many of her previous postings. She is a long-form writer, surely one of the best.