My Life Before QE2 - #1A

This arrangement of the song is the most true to the version we sang that morning at church: three solo verses by three different singers, with full chorus singing each refrain. Of course ours was a little better.

Many decades later my brother, who is an astronomer, began giving lectures about the scientific basis of the Star of Bethlehem, which he eventually published in text form in Imprimis, a publication by Hillsdale College.

I was never consulted about my opinion on these scientific investigations. All of his work was published long after Queen Elizabeth had been crowned, so I have labeled this as #1A, being so recent that it could certainly not earn a #2 designation in this series.

My Life Before QE2 - #1

In the 1940’s we were living in Galesburg, IL, my birthplace, as well as that of the great Carl Sandburg. Ronald Reagan had also lived there decades earlier. Our life was centered around the First Christian Church, a church Reagan could have easily attended when he was a kid there.

My first starring role came as a singer in the children’s choir, which was led by the much loved Dr. Sykes who sat at the organ console and directed the choir while playing the organ from there. The choir was on the stage behind the organ. But for my starring performance I was standing in the opposite direction near the back of the church, a floor up, in the front of the balcony. I was one of the kings featured in We Three Kings, but I don’t remember which one. It was surely a Christmas time service, hence the decision to feature the stars in the choir. Dr. Sykes had asked me to sing to the people in the farthest corner of the church, which I did, really belting it out. It was a high point in my early life.

They had outfitted us with white robes tied in the middle of the front with giant red bows. It was okay for the girls in the choir, but I thought very inappropriate for the boys, especially those with solos to sing. I would have preferred to have wrapped the robe with my leather belt holding my holster and cap gun, but no one ever asked for my fashion advice.

On the drive home after church, my father always stopped at the store to buy a copy of the Sunday St. Louis Post Dispatch, the really big thick one of the week. I liked to read the many colored pages of the comics. And if I was really lucky there might also be a picture in the sports section of my friend, Stan the Man Musial.

My Life Before QE2 - #intro

Series Introduction

On 9 Sep 2022 Jean wrote: “I wonder if there is anyone on who remembers the world before Queen Elizabeth II. I would love to know.”

I thought about Jean’s idea for a while, then opened Keep and listed 20+ post ideas in a few minutes, so maybe it would be easy to get a series going. Of course my world was small back then.

Elizabeth was crowned on 2 June 1953. Yes, I have many memories before that date. Many interest me. I have no idea whether they would interest anyone else, maybe a few.

I will number the posts as I post them. I called this one “intro,” after almost calling it #0.

I’m always happy to get feedback from others unless it makes me feel bad, you know, like practically everything on TV does these days. 😉

Yesterday the nurses on her floor at the hospital all signed a lovely thank you card for my wife. They were acknowledging what I already suspected: she is the best worker they have in Housekeeping, BY FAR!

They also gave her a bouquet of fresh flowers & a $25 gift card. 💐

European leaders have not served their people well in turning away from fossil fuels in favor of green energy sources so soon. They have not planned this transition well. Europeans will have a hard time staying warm enough during the upcoming winter.

Ron Chester - 29 Aug 2022

Our city has been recognized as the 13th most in the US.

13. Decatur, Illinois

Cost of living: 16.0% below US average. Metro population: 104,688.
Median household income: $53,725. Median home value: $103,100. Unemployment rate: 6.5%

Our city has been recognized as the 13th most in the US.

  1. Decatur, Illinois

Cost of living: 16.0% below US average Metro population: 104,688 Median household income: $53,725 Median home value: $103,100 Unemployment rate: 6.5%


Our city has been recognized as the 13th most in the US.

  1. Decatur, Illinois

Cost of living: 16.0% below US average Metro population: 104,688 Median household income: $53,725 Median home value: $103,100 Unemployment rate: 6.5%


“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Thomas Paine, The American Crises, 1776

Biden has sold some of the US Strategic Oil Reserve to other countries, including CHINA. Even the dems are now running away from poor ole Joe.

Happy Birthday to The 14th Dalai Lama, known as Gyalwa Rinpoche to the Tibetan people, born on 6 July 1935.
🎂 🙏 🎉

There are over 12 million freedom loving, law abiding citizens living in my home state of Illinois. Highland Park still has a competent police force that located and took into custody within eight hours a young man who had murdered six people & wounded over two dozen others. 🙏

I got an email from WARCA, the World Amateur Radio Contesting Association, which I didn’t know existed!

In their 2nd annual ranking, I came in at #31,905 out of a total of 58,522 entries, based upon my 2019 score in the ARRL CW contest. Not too bad for not even trying. 😄

Politico reported that Biden “has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump”.
Wait’ll the books come out!

Biden started his speech tonight by saying that this time we must “Do Something” about these mass shootings in America. His slogan is too simplified. At the very least, it must be “Do Something Effective,” which is not so easy.

This is an excellent video of a hike to the summit of Mt Whitney.
I did this hike in 1967, just before I started grad school at UC, Berkeley. It was a peak experience in my life. I encourage all young people to hike this challenging trail! 🌄 🎢

87°F outside here this afternoon, 80° inside. It is the first time this year that we have turned on our air conditioner in the house. It instantly starts cooling things off inside. That’s some great technology!! 🏠