From tonight's Scripting News:

Something the HTTPS evangelists must not understand: there’s substantial breakage when you convert an HTTP site to HTTPS. Every image in every page breaks. Broken images make a statement, they’re like broken windows, they say no one gives a F about this site. Well I care about the archive of, I hope people understand that. I have been creating a record here since 1994. It’ll be 30 years in October.# Instead of trying to blackmail me into breaking my archive, Google should be helping to preserve it. And not just mine, the entire early web. We poured our hearts and hopes into this, and massive amounts of time, without which Google would not exist. # I know Google doesn’t have a heart and it isn’t a living thing, but it’s bad PR to make that so freaking obvious. # I think that perhaps Google is already run by the machines. Maybe it was the first such company. # To remind you of what Google’s idea of the ancient web is, I put a broken image next to this post. #