I’m one of the youngest members of the Lucky Few Generation, having been born during WWII, but just barely. Two months after I was born, the War came to a dramatic end, because of the horror of new technology that suddenly blew two towns in Japan to smithereens. So you can tell I’m a pretty old guy, at least older than most of the folks around here. But I think I’m still pretty young at heart, not an irascible old curmudgeon.

The path of my life has followed new technology. My first conscious decision about a life path was to follow the miracle of wireless radio, which taught me a lot about life, not just technology.

My wife is many years younger than me, a native Thai woman and she helps keep me young too. We live in the Midwest in the US in a marvelous English Tudor home, three blocks from where I went to grade school & four blocks from one border of my paper route when I was just a boy, working to have some money in my pocket.

Now we have new technology for blogging. I supported the Kickstarter when I first heard about it and have been posting and reading here from the start. There have been some surprises along the way, but no complaints. I support the great job Manton is doing.

For new people here, we are glad to have you here! Please participate for a while and see how we do things. It may not be quite like what you’re used to, but it works for us and with time you might find yourself agreeing that we have a culture here that works pretty well.