My Life Before QE2 - #2

In Nov 1952 we moved to Decatur because my dad had been transferred to the new home office of the Illinois Power Company where he worked.

That was the first major crisis in my life. I would lose all my friends at church and at school, to move somewhere where I knew no one at all. It scared me, a LOT. My brother and I tried to talk our parents out of the idea, but to no avail. We were both very happy in Galesburg. Why change anything when everything was going so well there? It seemed so unfair and unnecessary.

It was definitely the most shocking thing that had ever happened in our lives. I suppose our dad had gotten a big raise, but money meant nothing at all to my brother and I. Neither of us had any money, nor any need for money.

I never again felt as safe and at home as I had felt in Galesburg. But of course we soon had a new home, school and church. We got over it. 🏡