Do You Want a Successful Blog?

Advice about blogging recently began to appear on my Google newsfeed. Today a long article detailing 41 Incredible Benefits of Blogging appeared. Surely this is the definitive breakdown of the benefits of blogging! At the end of this very long article, it says Original Article Date: November 30, 2019/Updated June 1, 2021.

So this has been around for 18 months! It must be a very well known blogging business. So where is it from?


I had not heard about them. They are here.

They will help you set up a WordPress website and blog in minutes. Their fees are listed here. 7 days free trial.

Clearly they have put a lot of work into the system they’re offering. I’m not looking for a way to make money with my blog. So I’m not the sort of blogger they want to help. But if you are, there’s a very extensive website there for you to explore.

If you find they are offering a useful system, let us know your experience with it.