Don't Protests Have Rules They Must Follow?

When did the rules change to bring about these free-for-alls? I don’t understand how this came to be! Dr. King used to decide to have a protest march, like the March to Selma. The time and route was clearly laid out and the time for the march clearly specified . The police would be along the route. When the destination was reached, Dr King and others would get up and speak. At the end, people would go home or if they decided not to disperse, they might be loaded onto buses and taken off to jail.

Even during Vietnam, people would march from A to B, give speeches, sing and shout and then go home or refuse to go home and be taken off to jail.

In this chaos I haven’t seen any leaders giving speeches at the end of a march. Now the police are apparently expected to protect entire cities on no specific schedule. Protesters can go anywhere they want, whenever they want, no predefined places designated for speeches and no speeches being given? No leaders of the protesters in evidence, no designated locations specified for protest. No licenses apparently required any longer to be obtained in advance for a protest march. How did it come to this??

It seems like people walk around anywhere they want, wherever they want, apparently waiting for sundown when they might be able find some good targets for looting. Really? There are no rules of any kind any longer? Well no wonder it appears that mob rule has taken over.

Was this all changed by some changes in laws that I didn’t hear about? Or maybe some court rulings that said there can be no rules any longer, that people are free to do whatever they want and whenever they want? Surely that can’t be right!

Serious question, no kidding! Can some folks please explain to me what is going on here in my country?? How did this come about?