Using Chromebooks in Thailand 🇹🇭

This is my 6th trip to Thailand in the last six years and I’ve used a Chromebook for all my computer needs on all these trips, each lasting 1-3 months. This time I have posted to and read, posted to my Dave Winer 1999 blog, done gmail activities, tracked all my projects using five different pages in Dropbox Paper, searched for, stored & edited images in Dropbox for use in my 1999 blog, listened to music and watched YouTube videos and followed the Niners 7th win by watching the CBS play-by-play text broadcast of the game.

The only thing I can’t do is QuickBooks, but I have no need or desire to do client work while I’m traveling in Asia.

What a joy it has been to use my Chromebook the last several days. These machines have delivered tremendous value to me in all this travel.