Mueller is the Same as I Am! Y'all Gotta Problem With That?!! --

The ONLY unscripted moment in the hearings today was when Mueller couldn’t think of the legal term for the non-legal term “collusion.” As he stumbled about with his words, hoping the word would come to him soon, the questioner finally told him the word was “conspiracy.” Relief from Mueller & then they laughed about it! I have experienced this same problem of not being able to grab the right word at times. Mueller is the same as I am!! AND we are the same age!! Y’all gotta problem with that?!!

BUT I don’t try to fake it, while I’m waiting for the word to come to me. I state flat out that the word isn’t coming to me, but I know it will soon and I’ll say it as soon as it does, while going on with my next thought. And as predicted, the word always comes to me soon enough. By the way, I looked it up, this is NOT a warning sign of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

But while I’m on the subject, I’ll add that I didn’t appreciate the frequent suggestion by many so-called experts on TV today that maybe Mueller is just beyond his prime and so didn’t do so well today. Like we shouldn’t worry and can be glad that soon he will disappear into oblivion. I still prepare the same kinds of tax returns that are accurate, thorough and comprehensive that I’ve been producing for 35 years. I don’t appreciate any denigration of my abilities based upon age and neither should Mueller.