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One of my friends is a leading sociologist with more books in print than any other sociologist in the US. You may already know about his 20 year best seller called Lies My Teacher Told Me, a truth packed book that has sold around 2 million copies. His most recent book among many, describes ground breaking research he has done in recent years that reveals a history of racism & exclusion in this country that has remained hidden for a very long time, some of it for over a century. This story is not found in normal history books. His is the first book to focus on this subject.

Please go to Amazon and take a look at his new book, Sundown Towns. Click on Read more to get an overview of the subject, and then click on the Amazon preview (Look inside) to read more about it. If you are interested in learning more after that, send me your email address and I will send you the entire text of the first chapter (23 pages in pdf), courtesy of the author. You can send me an email at this address.

As is his usual practice, Dr. Loewen fully documents all of his sources with detailed footnotes. These footnotes will be numbered in the pdf I send you, and you can read the details of each footnote in the book preview at Amazon. Dr. Loewen earned his Ph.D. at Harvard, so his skills as a scholar are strong, but he’s also an excellent writer, telling stories in a clear, engaging way. He grew up as my brother’s best friend, so I know from a lifetime of experience that he is a trusted source of accurate information.

He is the one who unearthed this hidden history. I was quite shocked when I first read about this, but having recognized it, I now consider it important to make it known widely in the country, to bring it out into plain view, where we can all begin to deal with it. It serves no good purpose to keep it hidden after all of these years.

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