Here's a Woman Politician I Think is Terrific!! --

And now for someone competely different!! I was very impressed by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D - Hawaii), who appeared on Firing Line today. I really like that she is speaking out against regime change wars & she has experience on the ground, having served in the military in combat zones in Iraq & Kuwait. Tulsi is a Samoan name, from her father’s side. She was reared as a Hindu and a vegetarian. I really liked that she spoke from her personal experience in life, not from talking points she’s memorized. And best of all, when asked questions, I can’t remember any politician who has answered immediately with so many direct “Yes” and “No” answers. She is not afraid of taking a position and stating clearly what it is. She is NOT a mealy mouthed politician seeking fame, as some are. Of course she is an underdog, but has been so in every election she has entered and she won them all. Please watch this video to see why such a young woman is running for President. I’ve only known about her for two hours, but from what I’ve seen, I think she’s terrific.