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We are all capable of focusing our attention on one thing, or splitting it among many competing targets. When listening to the three songs featured in my Dylan posting today, I realized I was inside the performance on two of them, but on the third, another part of me started to wonder, “How much longer is this song?” I then realized, if my attention is wandering, as in the latter example, it’s perfectly okay for me to immediately stop the playback of that performance and go on to something else. There is no rule I must follow, like “If you start listening to a song, listen to the whole performance, give the singer a chance to draw you in and convince you it’s a worthy performance.” NO, that’s Not a rule I must follow. Especially if it’s a song I know really well, I can usually tell very early on whether a given performance or cover of the song is one that interests me, or is worth my time.

Life is short, expecially as one gets older. I still have a lot I want to get done, so I’d rather not be wasting any time.

The same thing applies to reading an article or a book. If it’s not drawing me in and holding my attention, I am perfectly free to go on to another one.