Mac Newbie Brag

After a rough start, I have succeeded in getting MarsEdit setup & working with the domain name I use on I tried setting it up yesterday, but got thrown off when it asked for my user name & password. BEEP! doesn’t really have pw’s. SO…. I did a web search in Safari for and MarsEdit, which quickly returned Manton advice about how to use an app token in place of a password. I did that and things started making sense in MarsEdit.

I clicked to refresh the list of recent blog posts and soon I had my last 50 blog posts sitting in MarsEdit. But I’ve posted a lot more than 50 posts since 4/26/17, so I poked around the MarsEdit help file and found out how to change the number in the Refresh Scope, did it, hit refresh again and BAM! I now have ALL my own postings in sitting in MarsEdit!

I did this without help from anyone, just one tidbit from Manton’s help file and a lot more from the MarsEdit help file. I felt some satisfaction in this accomplishment. It went MUCH more smoothly than my attempt to write a new post in the official Mac app for last night.

Note: This was the first posting that I wrote in MarsEdit and posted to the Timeline from that app.