VisiCalc Changed My Life in a Big Way

Yesterday was the anniversary of VisiCalc being first released in 1979. It changed everything in my life. I bought an Apple II+ solely to run VisiCalc & it immediately made my job as the Controller of two corps, including one with seven locations, far far better!

I may still have a copy of the original program in shrinkwrap among the tons of boxes we’re moving to our new home. For some reason I bought two copies and only opened one. I just discovered that it’s creator Dan Bricklin makes it available to download and run on a PC on his website. Once we’re settled in our new home and I have access to a working PC again, I will definitely download and install it!!

VisiCalc set a very high standard for life-changing apps. Even with all the gee-whiz capability of the modern smartphones, nothing else has had such an impact on my life.