The Edit Feature is a Major Upgrade to Microblog. Preview Next?

I post directly on Microblog using the web UI, which Manton has recently upgraded, allowing more than 280 characters and a title to the longer form posts, the title being what appears on the Home timeline. Last night I wrote by far my longest post here yet, with external links to numerous images. I was pleased at how easy it was to do. But I mangled a URL and got a 404 error on one image when it posted, which would have annoyed me greatly before. But Manton had made a provision for editing a post after it was already posted. It took me 2-3 edits to get it properly fixed, but it didn’t have me tearing my hair out, or just deleting and starting over.

I’m impressed with the progress in the gradual upgrading of the web UI. Manton is doing an excellent job. I think he has the perfect temperament for his work, always businesslike in his comments and replies to folks. And thankfully the changes are not decided by some committee, but by one person who seems to have some sanity about him, as well as a good sense about what is needed for improving the blogging experience.

If I end up writing a lot of the longer form posts here. I think it would be nice to have a Preview option, to be able to see how a posting will look before committing to actually posting it for the world to see. I would especially find this helpful for deciding whether to include bold or italics on any part of the text.

Keep up the good work, Manton!