Small Business Advice from The Week, Issue 9/29/17, pg 34

In an economy increasingly dominated by mega-corporations, the more focused and personal a company can be, the better. The most profitable small businesses are often in service industries that require special expertise and one-on-one attention to clients; they also have low overhead. These firms aren’t always flashy. Accounting firms, such as bookkeepers and tax preparers, had the highest profit margins among small businesses over the past year, according to financial-data company Sageworks, followed by lessors of real estate and providers of legal services.

That Is Ron Chester!
Not flashy, but expert one-on-one tax help for Americans and a 96.7% gross profit margin!

###Special Bonus, No Extra Charge Bookkeeper and its variants are the only English words with three consecutive repeated letters. I am not hoof-footed, but I AM sweet-toothed.