My Workaround for Dealing with the Annoying Bug of Losing My Place in the Timeline

My Kickstarter time with a Manton hosted site on ran out, so now I’m on the $5/month hosted site plan. An annual payment would be nice, but the monthly payment via my credit card is all automatic, so no big deal. Of course I’ll still be limited to using the web interface on my Win 7 Ultimate PC, my Toshiba Chromebook and my LG Android phone.

The least pleasant of these three is the Android phone, because when I leave the Timeline to read a conversation, I nearly always find myself at the top of the Timeline again when I return. That’s annoying, a bug, a drag! I can easily avoid this on the PC and on the Chromebook by opening a link in a new browser tab, reading the conversation there, then killing the tab when I’m done.

I suppose there might be an easy way to do this on the Android phone, but I don’t know what it is. Maybe I should take some time to actually learn how to use Android. But in the meantime, I worked out a simple workaround.

As I’m reading down the Timeline, I use the Favorite button any time there’s a posting that interests me that has a Conversation button. I resist the urge to just click on Conversation and read it then and there, because I’ve learned that I’ll likely end up back at the top again when I’m done, that damn bug. So I click on Favorite instead and then go on to the next item in the Timeline. I make my way all the way to the bottom of the Timeline this way. I’ve been doing more marking than reading.

Then I click on Favorites at the top of the web interface and read the conversations for each of the threads I saved by clicking Favorite. I start at the top of the Favorites. When I click Conversation on that first one, I’ll go off and read the thread and when I’m done I’ll click on the back arrow to go back and I’ll be at the top of Favorites again. But now I’ve throughly read that first thread, I’m done with it, so I click on Unfavorite and poof, it is gone. So I take the thread that is now at the top and repeat the same procedure to read and then unfavorite it.

Easy and no wasted effort spent scrolling down to find where I last left off. I’ve been told that Apple devices can suffer from this same bug of returning to the top of the Timeline when exiting from Conversation view, so maybe my workaround would work for them too. There is one small gotcha with my method. It usually takes a while to load the Favorites again every time I click on the back arrow. But I still prefer this quiet moment with a blank screen to scrolling down the Timeline looking for my place in it.