My Visit to an Apple Store

The nearest Apple Store to us is now about 200 miles away, in Chicago. But we had to fly back to Silicon Valley anyway, so I could testify for the prosecution in a felony embezzlement jury trial, so there were soon going to be a lot more Apple Stores nearby. Once the trial was done (the defendant changed her plea to No Contest the day after I testified), we had several days to visit with friends before we had to fly back. We scheduled a lunch with a bunch of our friends at PF Chang’s in the Stanford Shopping Center. With a great lunch over, we only had to walk to the other end of the mall to get to an Apple Store. My buddy Jim, who is an expert on both Apple products, as well as Windows and Android products, agreed to go along with us, to hold my hand, if necessary.

I wanted to see an iPod Touch, as I had recently discovered from @fernando that the Touch was the least expensive Apple device for using, only 200 bucks. I was amazed that there was even any Apple device that was that cheap! Jim swung the big glass door open for us and we went inside. A young lady immediately offered to help us and Jim told her I wanted to buy an iPod Touch. “Thanks, Jim.”

She knew where they were, though I doubt she had ever sold one before. I told her I didn’t have any Apple products, but that my very first computer had been an Apple II+ with the upgraded 64K of RAM and the extra language card, bought during the first year after they were released. She didn’t know what an Apple II+ was. She had also never heard of Andy Hertzfeld, my friend from the Stanford course on Bob Dylan, who had written the original Mac operating system. No problem, that was all ancient history, surely all occurring before she was even born.

She handed me one of two iPod Touch devices on display, both in Space Gray. I had come to see the Blue, Pink and Gold devices. None of those were on display, but they had them in the back, so she went to get them. They were still in their original packaging, so I could only peek at the narrow slice of color visible in the unopened packages. She knew about the two choices of RAM and the prices.

I had read rumors about an upcoming Generation 7, so I asked her whether it would be Generation 6 or 7, if I bought that day. She and one of her associates didn’t know the answer to that one, but their fingers went flying on their little iPhones. Soon they had the answer, it would be Generation 6. Oh well. no big deal. I didn’t even know what the difference between 6 and 7 would be. Meanwhile I had decided on Gold and my wife approved of that choice. All Thai people love things that are “golden.”

So I told the sales lady I’d get the 32 GB one in gold for $200. Immediately my wife said, “Nooo, get the one with 128 GB of RAM.” If we got the little one, we’d regret it later she explained. That had happened to friends of hers, who had bought iPhones with small RAM and immediately regretted it, paying a lot later to upgrade to an iPhone with a lot more RAM. Hmmmm, but it’s only for blogging, I told her. “You love music, I want you to put a lot of Bob Dylan on it, so you can listen to it, even when there is no wi-fi available.”

Our real estate broker had once assured me that “A happy wife is a happy life.” I turned to the Apple lady and said, “We’ll take the bigger one” and handed her my credit card. She looked directly at my wife and said, “I think you’ll enjoy it very much” and started running my card. I commented on who she was looking at when she said that, but she immediately said she had actually said, “I think you guys’ll enjoy it very much.”

We had bought the house that my wife really loved too. It’s proven to be a pretty darn nice house!!