My Surprising Recommendation That You Watch the Omarosa Video

At the beginning of this year, I decided that one of my 3 Words for the Year would be “Positive.” I am apolitical & stopped reading Dave Winer every day, because there was just too much politics. I have been reading Microblog every day because it has been just the opposite. I don’t follow late night shows. I don’t have the least bit of interest in celebrity gossip. But for some reason I watched the video of Omarosa on Stephen Colbert’s TV show. It was shocking to me, in the sense that it wasn’t what I expected and I’m very glad I watched it! I liked her very much! She is waaay smarter and more articulate than my previous ideas about her and I recommend that everyone take the time to watch the whole video. Don’t bother to read the text on that page, just watch the full video. Please, I don’t want to start a discussion here about politics! I just want to recommend that others watch the video. The impact of it on me was positive, hence in line with my own resolve for positive change in this year. I hope viewing it will be positive for you as well.