Many thanks from the Oldest Guy on!!

Many thanks to all those who took the time to send birthday greetings to the Oldest Guy on So far it looks to be the case that I really am the oldest one in the room here! Most of my life I was the youngest in the room, as my brother is three years older. So this will take some getting used to and I do intend to take it into account in some of my upcoming postings, which is the real reason I even mentioned my birthday. I didn’t want to claim a particular status unless I could confirm it to be true. I will be responding separately to some interesting points made by some about age, but I wanted to be sure to thank everyone, as I very much appreciated each posting! I hope I didn’t miss anyone. Of course it’s Manton’s Mention feature that I used to gather up this list. @stefp @bsag @kitt @adiabetic @bradenslen @cheri @modernlittleme @Burk @jack @herself @rnv @schuth @klandwehr @desparoz @smokey @johnjohnston @gio