Learning How to Use My iPod Touch

At the Apple Store in Palo Alto, I asked the very young sales clerk, “Is there a manual to tell me how to use it? A: “No, but you don’t need one. It’s really easy to use.” Now after a month, I have some time to start exploring how to use it. I discover a folder of Extras, including Tips, click on Essentials and the first Tip tells me how to call up Siri (hold down Home button). I quickly discover that Siri knows what town we’re in. So …
Q: What is the population of our town?
A: The population of Our Town, AL was 641 in 2010 (from the Wifipedia page it pulled up.) Ummm, we’re NOT in Alabama.
Q: What town are we in?
A: It gives the exact street address, along with a map of the spot.
Q: What is the population here?
A: It gives links to five websites about population.
Okay, so we can conclude that Siri is not expert about putting 2 and 2 together. But I like that I don’t have to start every (or any) question with “Hey {name of robot} …

Tip #4 tells me how to download the User Guide for iPOD Touch for iOS 12. I follow the directions and it is now open in Books to the Table of Contents. Now that is useful! If it wasn’t 1,792 miles away to that Apple Store (Siri told me), I might go back there and show the nice young lady the manual, open on my iPod. To be fair, she probably knows a lot more about an iPhone than an iPod.