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Yeah, I’ve been gone from the scene for a while, the result of a number of factors. I had become so active, mostly with replies, that my tax work was not getting done fast enough. Then I discovered that at least one person misunderstood two of my comments, not how I had intended them at all. This was a bit surprising & verrrry unnerving to me. I realized it was time for me to step away and re-evaluate my path forward. I have no interest in creating problems for anyone. I’m the oldest person on this platform. but I have never developed a very thick skin and certainly don’t want to become known as the old curmudgeon.

I have some corporate tax returns to finish up for clients and then Monterey County in CA is going to fly me there to testify for the prosecution in mid September in a felony embezzlement trial. When that is all behind me, I will likely experience a major reduction in pressure and I will have much more time for my writing and other personal activities, probably including some international travel.

Going forward, I plan to mostly write and post my own blog articles, some short and some long and greatly curtail my activity in the social media end of things. I’ve been compiling a list of things I want to write about, which is actually getting pretty long. Those things excite me. I think my life experience is different from most on the platform, as I am probably the only one here from my generation (born during WW II). I’ve also been something of an outsider from the beginning. My first computer was an Apple II+ but when the IBM PC came out, I mostly switched to that platform, as it totally dominated the professional accounting world ever since, which is how I make my living. I am very technical in many areas (US tax accounting, ham radio, Morse Code, etc) but I’ve done no programming since college and certainly nothing in the Apple world.

This is primarily a platform for Apple folks, so a very high percentage of the traffic in the social media here is either irrelevant to me or over my head. I have some things to say about that, which I will get to in due course.

I very much appreciate the friends I’ve made here and was very surprised when I read William Schuth, Brad Enslen, Robert (rnv) and Smokey Ardisson expressing some concern about my whereabouts. I was surprised that my absence had even been noticed. I’m sorry if I worried anyone, which was not my intention. It has been very good for me to step away for a while and I’m looking forward to getting back to actual blogging, maybe even some creative things when I return. I signed up on micro.blog to be able to do more blogging (plus to get the book) and so it will be good to return to that activity.

Keep up the good work to all of you, not just the four people I mentioned!

Ron Chester