A Big Day to Remember

Our day in San Francisco with my friend from Cambridge was even more awesome than I had imagined. It was the first time we had ever met in person in 23 years of friendship, anchored by our mutual love and fascination with the life work of Bob Dylan. Example: in our first few minutes of chatting, I asked him, “So what are we gonna do at City Lights Bookstore?” He immediately gave the correct answer: “We’re gonna have our picture taken together in the alley.” And we did, as the day approached sunset. For two Dylan friends, this choice was obvious, A Necessity, fun and a confirmation of our like minds.

I knew of his expertise about Buddhism, but his clear, spoken commentary on ancient art pieces at the Asian Art Museum was a delicious surprise, bringing two thousand year old art to life. We are both book people and this easily grew into talk about book projects. Perhaps my lack of knowledge about the basics of Buddhism will one day make it easier for folks to understand the precious art around them.

Then a drive across the Bridge & back, taking in glimpses of the Bay, the Rock and the City, followed by a stroll back in time to my brief career as a tourist attraction in front of Aquatic Park, beside the Cable Car Turnaround, across from the Buena Vista. Two old guys who don’t drink alcohol, got back in the car with Paula, and after some trial and error found the correct entrance for a drive down the crooked Lombard Street and then on to the landmark bookstore, a parking space magically appearing right nearby. We got out, hiked a bit up the hill and soon we were taking in the familiar comforting feel of a great book place, history on the walls above the books. Then before we lost our light, we got those pictures taken in the alley.

Back to the car and the hotel, followed by a walk through the evening streets to a delicious dinner of Indian food and then a tired walk back to the hotel, but with some energy left for a bit more chatting about mutual friends, strange and colorful characters around us in The Caf, and some dreaming about contributions we might make to the exploration of the life work of the awesome Dylan.